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Over the course of its existence, Career Systems has effectively managed a variety of vocational assessment and self-sufficiency programs, playing a pivotal role in facilitating employment opportunities for numerous youth and adults. These initiatives have been tailored to address the needs of various demographic groups, encompassing public assistance recipients, displaced workers, injured individuals, those with disabilities, and those grappling with economic challenges.

Building on this legacy, Career Systems is committed to providing comprehensive Vocational Assessment and Placement and Self-Sufficiency training programs. These programs are designed to assess the skills and aptitudes of individuals, offering targeted placement assistance to enhance their employment prospects. Additionally, our organization actively engages in Self-Sufficiency training for young adults, empowering them with the necessary skills and resources to navigate the transition to independence successfully.

Our Vocational Assessment and Placement initiatives prioritize a collaborative approach, working closely with individuals to identify and develop their strengths. This commitment extends to the implementation of tailored Self-Sufficiency training programs for young adults, fostering their growth and self-reliance. Through these combined efforts, Career Systems continues to make a meaningful impact in supporting individuals on their journey toward sustainable and fulfilling employment

Monroe County Vocational Assessment & Job Placement Project (VAP) in Rochester, NY

For over forty years, Career Systems has been actively involved in a multi-funded program based in Rochester, NY. This program focuses on assessing and providing placement assistance for individuals facing economic, physical, mental, and emotional challenges, guiding them toward successful integration into the workforce. The initiative stands out for its commitment to evaluating and training welfare recipients for employment, as well as offering assessment and academic enhancement to youth during the summer. The collaborative effort concentrates on:

Career Technical Training

The Rochester Vocational Assessment and Placement Project represents a distinctive collaboration between the public and private sectors. Its comprehensive program encompasses academic and vocational assessment, remedial education, life skills counseling, employment readiness training, structured job-related counseling, job placement services, and follow-up services. Specifically designed to serve hard-to-reach groups, including individuals with disabilities, public assistance recipients, high school dropouts, offenders, and those lacking significant work experience.

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Chautauqua County Self-Sufficiency Subcontract in Jamestown, NY

In collaboration with Chautauqua Works WIB, CSD serves as a subcontractor, providing job training, counseling, and support services to individuals in pursuit of permanent employment. Chautauqua County is currently home to two active American Job Centers operating under the business name Chautauqua Works. These centers play a crucial role in delivering a comprehensive range of services and labor market information catering to employers, workers, and job seekers. The services provided include skill assessment, centralized posting of job and skill needs, access to qualified service providers, financial aid for training, and referrals to other educational, training, and social services. You can find Chautauqua Works at the following locations:

South County – Jamestown
4 E. Third Street, Suite 102

Jamestown, NY 14071 



North County – Dunkirk
407 Central Avenue
Dunkirk, NY  14048

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