Changing Lives
Every Day

In operation since 1964, Career Systems Development Corporation is a privately owned, for- profit corporation. Career Systems Development is a prime contractor and manages the day-to-day operations of several Job Corps campuses, including outreach, admissions, and placement services.


Career Systems Development Corporation’s mission is to redirect the lives of youth.
The company’s overall objective is to provide superior quality services at competitive prices. The individual goal of Career Systems Redirection Programs is the delivery of agency specific, individualized, and integrated correctional treatment programs that redirect the lives of adjudicated youth while balancing public safety interests and effective treatment interventions.

CSD currently operates the following nationwide locations:

• California (San Jose, and Sacramento)

• Iowa (Ottumwa)

• Maine (Loring)

• New York (Brooklyn and South Bronx Wraparound service)

• New Mexico (Roswell)

• Oregon (Springdale, PIVOT)

Additionally, the corporation holds two county contracts in New York:

• Chautauqua County Self-Sufficiency Subcontract in Jamestown, NY, where CSD acts as a subcontractor to Chautauqua Works WIB, offering job training, counseling, and support services to individuals seeking permanent employment.

• Monroe County Vocational Assessment & Job Placement Project (VAP) in Rochester, NY, providing vocational evaluations, education, placement, counseling, and support services.

Our commitment extends to providing valuable services such as academic education programs (GED, High School Diploma, and High School Equivalency), career counseling, and health service management, encompassing mental health counseling, alcohol and drug abuse counseling, residential and recreation program management, food service management, health and safety protocols, logistics management, facilities operation and maintenance, transportation and vehicle fleet management, records management, community outreach, employer engagement, and student recruitment services.

The largest segment of the company’s business is the contracted operation of Job Corps Centers. Funded by the U.S. Department of Labor, the Job Corps program helps the disadvantaged youth by providing educational and vocational training in a residential setting, and then placing graduates in jobs that use their new skills.

Career Systems is structured to ensure that all contracted programs operate in accordance with proposals, program operating policies and procedures, and the rules, regulations, and directives of the sponsoring entity. While Career Systems firmly establishes that the corporation operates the program through facility staff, nevertheless the director of each program is the corporation’s on-site manager possessing the responsibility and corresponding authority to carry out the program goals and objectives in-tune with the corporation’s philosophy, approach, policies, procedures, and the terms of the contract.

CSD is excited to represent at the Youth Symposium in Las Vegas! -at NAWDP – National Association of Workforce Development Professionals.