Denisse Fernandez

Senior Director, Business Development
For 17 years, Dennisse worked as a Workforce Development Specialist and Contracting Officer Representative at the Boston Regional Office of Job Corps.  Dennisse was the Regional Director of a Support Services contractor working with Job Corps students in the former New York Region providing placement services, housing assistance, etc., and created a mentorship program to guide completers and non-completers of the program in the transition period from students to gainfully employed adults.  Dennisse has experience in the nonprofit sector where she was the Marketing Representative and then Marketing Manager of a civics education program for middle school and high school students.  Dennisse is mission oriented and passionate about working with youth and developing strategies to expand participation in the program as well as developing employer partners that will lead to meaningful employment.  She has a high level of knowledge of all aspects of program and contracting requirements.  Dennisse oversees CSD’s Bid & Proposal efforts, Workforce Development, Business Development, and Marketing.