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Partner with Us to Empower Job Corps Graduates

Why Partner with Us: At Career Systems Development (CSD), we are committed to fostering a future where careers flourish, and communities prosper. By aligning with us as a partner, you play a pivotal role in supporting a unique group of individuals – Job Corps students. Job Corps succeeds in a way few other programs -public or private- do. It is a full-time, year- round residential program that offers a comprehensive array of training, education, and supportive services, including supervised dormitory housing, meals, medical care, and counseling. The program provides occupational exploration; the world of work and social skills training; and competency-based vocational and basic education.  Occupational trades offered include construction, automotive mechanics and repair, business and clerical, retail trades, health occupations, computer occupations, and culinary arts. Post program placement services are provided for all trainees.

Here’s why your partnership is crucial in shaping an educated society and building better communities:

1. Empowering Job Corps Graduates:

• Your partnership directly contributes to the success of Job Corps students by offering employment opportunities to these trained individuals.

• By hiring Job Corps graduates, you are investing in a skilled and motivated workforce, helping them transition seamlessly into professional roles.

2. Building Stronger Communities through Employment:

• Collaborate with us to bridge the gap between education and employment, creating a pipeline for Job Corps graduates to enter the workforce and contribute meaningfully to society.

• Strengthen the communities we serve by fostering a culture of support and empowerment, where every individual has the chance to build a successful career.

3. Promoting Education-Centric Initiatives:

• Support our educational collaborations with high schools and colleges, specifically tailored to prepare Job Corps students for the demands of today’s job market.

• Demonstrate your commitment to education by actively engaging in mentorship programs and initiatives that ensure these students are well-equipped for professional success.

4. Comprehensive Support for a Skilled Workforce:

• Contribute to the creation of a comprehensive support network that goes beyond employment, providing ongoing resources to Job Corps graduates for continued success.

• Showcase your dedication to building a skilled and educated society that positively impacts both individuals and the communities in which they live.

Join us in transforming communities and cultivating careers by empowering Job Corps graduates. Your partnership not only enhances the lives of these skilled individuals but also plays a crucial role in creating a society where education and employment intersect to build a brighter future for all. Together, let’s forge a path towards an educated and prosperous tomorrow.

Mayor Adams Announces Citywide Action Plan

CSD is proud and excited to be a part of offering great training opportunities of the youth in not only our two NYC Centers- Brooklyn and South Bronx, but all of the Centers we operate. The Center Director for South Bronx- Kenin Haynes and the Acting Center Director of the Brooklyn Job Corps Academy, along with our partners from Grant Associates were honored to be in attendance for this press conference yesterday highlighting the support and partnership with the City of New York.

Read the article here.

Ready to Partner With Us?

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