Rochester Vocational Assessment

Placement Project

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Through the years Career Systems has operated many vocational assessment programs assisting thousands of youth and adults to find jobs. Programs have served public assistance recipients, displaced workers, injured workers, disabled and economically disadvantaged individuals.

For over thirty nine years, Career Systems has operated a multi-funded program in Rochester, NY, providing the assessment and placement assistance to move economically, physically, mentally and emotionally challenged individuals into the work force. This program is at the forefront in assessing and training welfare recipients for employment and providing assessment and academic enhancement to youth during the summer.

Career Technical Training

The Rochester Vocational Assessment and Placement Project is a unique cooperative effort of the public and private sectors. Its program consists of academic and vocational assessment, remedial education, life skills counseling, employment readiness training, structured job-related counseling, job placement services and follow-up services. The program is designed to deliver services to hard-to-serve groups: individuals with disabilities, public assistance recipients, high school dropouts, offenders and individuals lacking in significant work experience.

Employer Partnerships