Diversity, Equity &
Inclusion Committee

The Diversity Equity & Inclusion Committee (DEIC) is
composed of corporate leadership, center staff and a
student member who are interested in cultural diversity, equity and inclusion across the organization. Two sub-committees currently exist within DEIC in which members have the option in participating in one or both sub-committees.


The purpose of the Diversity Equity Inclusion Committee (DEIC) is to serve and advise our CSD Centers, as well as our corporate staff in regards to issues relating to cultural
diversity, gender bias, ageism, disability, inclusion and overall championing racial equality. The DEIC strives to promote a transformative experience that leverages diversity and inclusion to its fullest potential ensuring that every student and staff member can have a sense of belonging and influence on their campus.

Provide an inclusive environment that reflects diversity and inclusion for everyone.

The Diversity Equity Inclusion and Committee seeks to advance the conversation on issues related to cultural equity and diversity. The committee serves as a conduit for social change by being a platform for culturally based discussion, policy critique and review, and networking opportunities amongst Career Systems Development Corps operating communities.


Committee Members

Cory Boone
Cedric Lutes

DEIC Center POC Support

Cherish Mignoli
Tammy Mason
Kennard Brown
Lindsay Cale
Jim Downie
Daniel Godinez
San Jose
Megela Ohare


Education & Resources Committee

This committee provides awareness, educational resources, diversity programming, and curriculum reform to support CSD’s national agenda to improve culture and diversity equity for the entire organization. This committee will organize the quarterly Virtual Town Hall meetings.

Data & Implementation Committee

This committee is responsible for data
collection via surveys, focus groups, etc. to generate action items on areas the
organization can expand, implement and/or address in relation to equity, inclusion and professional development.

Get Involved

There are a few coveted spots on the DEI Committee, and we invite you to contribute your creativity, integrity, collaborative skillset and leadership skills to create an inclusive environment for staff and students alike.

Please reach out at [email protected] if you are interested in contributing your talents to benefit all of our team at CSD.