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If you have the interest and motivation to work hard and reach your goals, then Job Corps is for you. If you’re ready to take control of your life, then you've got what it takes to succeed in Job Corps.


As a Job Corps student, you will learn, train, and connect with your future career in a structured residential on campus program designed to help you succeed. You’ll have a community around you that provides encouragement and helps you grow as an individual and as a professional.

You will receive academic education to achieve your high school diploma or GED, then get hands on training in the career area you choose. You’ll get on the job experience that prepares you to enter your career workforce ready, and get connected to our network of employers when you graduate. And, we’ll continue to assist you even after you graduate to ensure you reach your potential.

You’ll have every resource you need to start a successful career.

What You Need to Join Job Corps


Must be at least 16 – 24 years of age.


Must be a LEGAL resident or United States citizen. Proof of residency is required in the application process.

Parental Consent

Must have consent of parents or LEGAL guardian if under age 18. Signature of parents or legal guardians required in application.


Must meet federally set income guidelines as follows:

  • Public Assistance: Includes welfare, Medicaid, state or court custody, tribal dividends, REGULAR church assistance, un employment, some types of Social Security. Also includes receipt of food stamps within the past 6 months, even if client or family no longer receives them. Proof should be included.
  • Students age 18 or older: Based on Individual income.
  • Under age 18/Living with parents: Based on family income.
  • Under age 18/Not living with parents: Based on individual income.

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Find your calling in one of 73 career training programs in 81 high demand industries. Manufacturing, construction , finance and business, information technology, healthcare, hospitality homeland security , automotive and machine repair, transportation, retail, and more.

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