Career System Development Corp



About CSD

From the earliest days of America's "War On Poverty," when Job Corps began under the inspired leadership of Sargent Shriver, Career Systems Development (CSD) Corporation has sought to impact youth for growth. Operating centers nationwide and never giving up in our quest to find the best ways to serve our disenfranchised youth, the CSD family is deeply involved in the future and growth of our trainees.

In operation since 1964, Career Systems Development Corporation (CSD) focuses on training at-risk youth. At the CSD Job Corps Centers, eligible young people ages 16 through 24 receive education to earn a GED or high school diploma and career technical no cost to them!

All of CSD's centers offer career counseling, vocational and on-the-job training, educational programs, and support for students transitioning to the working world. Courses in independent living, financial literacy, employability skills, and social skills provide the tools that help students transform their lives and build brighter futures.

Eligible applicants include disadvantaged youth who need additional education, training, and counseling to obtain and hold meaningful jobs. Only U.S. citizens or lawfully-admitted residents may participate. Students may live on or off campus, and receive a basic living allowance. CSD Job Corps centers adhere to a policy of "Zero Tolerance" for violence and drug use.

Last program year, 73 percent of Job Corps participants nationwide started new careers, enrolled in higher education programs, or enlisted in the military.

"Career Systems has been a leader in the Job Corps program since it was initiated in 1964."