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March, 2014

San Jose Job Corps - FilAm Star: The Newspaper for Filipinos in Americia

FilAm Star: The Newspaper for Filipinos in Americia
Friday, March 7, 2014 - San Jose, California
It takes a village to educate a child
As I See It?- By Elpidio Estioko


?San Jose Job Corps Center was that “village” for a student who used to be a gang-banger, didn’t care about education, and enjoyed being with friends doing nothing, setting bad examples to her siblings - but who earned her high school diploma a week ago and says she is now a changed person.??

Keya Thornabar joined San Jose Job Corps after wasting two years of her life, she says, with the hope of understanding herself and changing her life. It was not easy for her to adjust because even during her first three weeks on center, she was misunderstood, misjudged, and stereotyped.


She says the staff, and academic and vocations instructors patiently worked with her, eventually transitioning her from being a negative individual to a positive person. Her core values were transformed and success standards came into play during the transformation. She started to be motivated, and has shown the quality of self- determination and perseverance during the course of her stay on center.

She recalls that she finally realized that what she did in the past can’t be changed but “…what we do at present, is how we can turn our future into what we hoped for in the past. With my Job Corps experience, I now seem to understand who I am and what I’ve become.”

Keya went on to complete a course in Landscaping, trained in Automotive Careers, joined the California Conservation Corps, and earned her high school diploma. And… above all, she now has a job!?She attributes all her success to people around her who didn’t hesitate to help her transform herself: the staff, the instructors, and even her friends on center. ??“I would like to thank Job Corps, all the staff, and instructors, for helping me succeed and for pushing me to be more successful in life,” smiles Keya Thornabar.?